Social Media Influencer Marketing on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide To Picking the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Brand – Part 3

Social Media Influencer Marketing on Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide To Picking the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Brand – Part 3

May 18, 2016 6:33 am
Facebook Social Media Influencer Marketing

With active Facebook users spending an average of more than 20 minutes a day scrolling through status updates — that’s nearly 20 percent of all time online — Facebook is a potent trifecta for marketers, brandishing word-based, photo and video capabilities. In the third part of our series “Picking the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Brand,” the world’s mightiest social network takes center stage.

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World’s largest social media network, Highest conversion rates, Greatest format versatility

Target Demographic:

Millennials ages 18-29

Facebook dominates the other social media platforms with 1.44 billion active users and yields the highest conversion rates based on Shopify’s ecommerce research. Zuckerberg’s brainchild is responsible for roughly 85 percent of all orders placed on social media. With such a vast reach, Facebook is a must-have for brands regardless of industry.


Curious about the prime demographics on Facebook? Two words: Hello, Millennials. The most common age bracket is 18 to 29, which accounts for nearly 30 percent of its users. Facebook may be losing some ground among teens but there’s still an abundant youthful presence.  

The social network also skews heavily female. Women are more likely to use Facebook by roughly 10 percentage points, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center study. So, companies with a larger female audience should consider upping resources to bolster their marketing on the site.

All the Stops: Text, Photo, Video

Whether you want to leverage word-based posts, drive visual content or promote video clips, Facebook makes for the perfect launching pad. Its versatility and analytics capabilities make it a big draw for marketers.

Organic engagement doubled in 2015, and video is soaring. The introduction of the autoplay feature revved up rates even further. And posts with images, the site’s bedrock, produce 2.3 times more engagement than those without images.

Native Content

For brands seeking to optimize their presence, it’s important to highlight that Facebook favors native content. When hiring influencers, ensure they upload pictures or videos straight onto their Facebook feeds, rather than linking to third party hosts such as YouTube or Twitter, a method which has shown to slow engagement rates. In fact, Facebook videos generate twice as many views and seven times the engagement as YouTube embeds, according to Small Business Trends.

No matter the industry, marketing on Facebook, especially leveraging other influencers’ reach, can drive substantial results.

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