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Trending Family helped launch a cross-platform influencer program for Relay, enlisting four creators to develop long-form video content as well as cut-down assets for paid media.

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Relay was designed to keep families safely connected without the distractions of screens so Trending Family identified leading influencers Kristen Kasper, Hannah's Happy Home, Arms Family Homestead, and Parisienne Farmgirl as perfect ambassadors to help raise awareness. YouTube integrations are most successful when influencers can integrate the product naturally into the content so it was critical the videos felt "organic" to audiences.

Each video was then cut-down into a 1-minute asset that influencers amplified on their Instagram. Relay then began using those cut-downs to run TrueView ads on YouTube and saw a drastic reduction in Cost-Per-View (CPV) "almost overnight" when compared to the brand-produced assets they were running before. A key insight from this campaign is that paid media assets that feel "native" to the platform perform significantly better than traditional glossy ads which viewers often tune out.


Kristen is a busy mom of three. She gave Relay devices to her two sons, and focused her content around how it lets her feel comfortable when her sons run off to play with friends.

Platforms Activated
Kristen Kasper
Kristen Kasper

Influencer Posts


175 K+

Organic views across both YouTube and Instagram.

595 K+

Total impressions across the campaign.

68 %

68% reduction in YouTube TrueView CPV.

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