Managing an Influencer Campaign Part 3: Influencer Coordination

Managing an Influencer Campaign Part 3: Influencer Coordination

February 1, 2017 6:57 pm

Coordination is one of the most important components of any influencer campaign. Selecting the talent, keeping them on schedule, and maintaining frequent communication is crucial to overall success. In the second post (link second part) of our multi-part series entitled “Managing an Influencer Campaign,” we discussed the planning stages of an influencer campaign. Part three of our series discusses how best to corral your talent for each campaign.

Influencer Campaign Coordination

It’s not surprising that many brands are expanding their digital marketing strategies to include influencers considering that the return on every dollar spent in influencer marketing can be as high as $6.50, according to this study by Tomoson. But how do you keep the campaign on track, especially if you’re contracting multiple influencers?

Picture this scenario:

Your social media influencer has produced quality content for a campaign — but, they consistently miss their deadlines to go live. In addition, you’re unable to reach your influencer to get them to post the content.

Most brands who have launched an influencer campaign will be very familiar with inevitable delays in communication. But what happens when influencers stop responding altogether? Do you cancel the campaign? Can you do internal damage control? What do you tell your colleagues or client?

The truth is there are some influencers who just aren’t great with responsiveness and professionalism. They also may have hundreds of other emails to sift through especially if they have a large following and lots of other brand deals. There’s also a possibility that they could be temperamental and need more coaxing or guidance.

Working with Your Influencer

In order to avoid these challenging scenarios, it’s crucial to only work with influencers who match your brand’s values and beliefs.  The easiest way to root out bad apples is to, at the outset, evaluate an influencers’ overall qualitative engagement rather than only quantitative metrics. Choosing an influencer creating niche content with 50K highly-engaged followers can be much more powerful (and cost effective) than an influencer with 1M followers.

Further, many top influencers have the luxury of options when it comes to working with brands. As such, it’s important that your campaign goals align with the existing content an influencer is producing. Digital marketers are obsessed with native branded content being “Organic” and “Authentic” for good reason – no one wants to listen to their favorite influencer talk about a product or service they’d clearly never use.

Trending Family marries rigorous influencer vetting with its unparalleled project management to yield  consistently successful campaign results. Brands and agencies looking to drive awareness, sales, engagement, customer acquisition, UGC, or expand social influence can leverage Trending Family’s expertise and connections to produce results.

For help managing your next influencer campaign, contact Trending Family.

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