Maintaining a Lasting Career as a Digital Influencer

Maintaining a Lasting Career as a Digital Influencer

September 17, 2017 3:19 pm

As any digital influencer knows, maintaining relevancy and consistent popularity on social media platforms is no easy feat. It is common to see a digital influencer skyrocket into stardom for a couple of years before slowly being overshadowed by newer internet sensations. Reasons for the decline in growth or stagnation are mostly due to committing common mistakes: inconsistency, complacency, and/or poor choices to name a few. Here are some key measurements that digital influencers can monitor to ensure longevity in their channels:

Maintain a network of fellow influencers

Collaborations are necessary for any digital or social influencer. A wide network of peers can serve as a strong support system and provide avenues to expand an influencers’ audience and social media following.

Consistency is key

One of the gravest mistakes a digital influencer can make is not releasing consistent content. Many platforms actually algorithmically punish infrequency which can be hard to recover from. Further, consistency encourages repeat viewer/follower consumption. However, veteran influencers understand that producing quality content must also be paired with a healthy work-life balance.

Invest in quality equipment

Most top influencers don’t work with an entire movie studio to create quality content. Instead, they invest in good camera equipment and lighting to achieve professional videos or photos. That being said, many influencers started out with very inexpensive equipment such as a webcam or phone camera and still found success. The bottom line is that influencers must ensure their technology (video, audio, quality, etc.) does not get in the way of their message.

Frequently engage with your supporters

What separates great social media influencers from lackluster ones is the amount of engagement with their followers. Taking the time to acknowledge and respond to your viewers will create a stronger and more devoted following.

Pick the right brands to work with

In our Q&A with Steps to Wander, they mentioned that picking the right brands that integrate with their content has allowed them to maintain subscriber loyalty. Viewers can tell when an influencer has never used or cared about the brand or product before, so it’s crucial influencers don’t take an easy payday at the expense of their followers’ trust.

Use analytics

Top social media influencers frequently use analytics to gain insight on which pieces of content are particularly popular with their audiences. Monitoring these analytics helps influencers better understand their demographics and provides feedback on what their supporters would like to see more of or what content they dislike.

Be authentic

All popular influencers have their own unique personalities which distinguish them from the rest of the pack. However, being eccentric does not guarantee internet success; it’s actually shared values, interests, and honesty which resonate with viewers.

The founders of Trending Family, Justin and April Moore, have over 1 million total YouTube subscribers and have built a loyal following over 8 years on social media. To speak with them about their experiences or for advice on how your brand can work with influencers contact TrendingFamily today!

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