Long-Term Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

Long-Term Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

February 3, 2016 6:00 am

How often should your brand work with social media influencers?  Is it better to only work with influencers once then move on in search of a “fresh” audience from another influencer?  The consensus among brands and influencers alike is that long-term partnerships have several advantages over one-off deals.   

  1. Making it Stick

When you hire influencers for multiple-post campaigns, they’re able to reinforce how much they love the product and continue to use it over time. If they speak about your product or service once and then never again, how likely is it their audience will give your brand a try?  There may be short-term ROI, especially for seasonally-relevant campaigns, but there will be minimal long-tail brand awareness.  

  1. Evolving Messaging and Strategy

A longer campaign also gives brands the opportunity to highlight multiple features or advantages of the product, allowing more room for the messaging to grow and evolve over time. While it’s perfectly acceptable and rational to treat the first campaign as a “trial” pending an analysis of the engagement and ROI, an ongoing campaign with a familiar face will always be more memorable and informative.

  1. Locking in Rates

As more brands look to allocate increasing funds to social media, there are two key reasons to forge long-term partnerships with influencers.  Firstly, an influencer’s viewership or readership may increase dramatically in a short period of time, causing their rates to skyrocket.  Locking in 6 month or 1 year partnerships will guarantee rates will not rise when your brand is looking to reactivate a campaign.  Secondly, many influencer’s incomes can fluctuate significantly from month-to-month.  A long-term agreement offers a steady revenue stream; a very attractive opportunity for an influencer.   Some may even offer discounts for multiple campaigns versus one campaign in order to solidify the partnership.

It’s the Small Things

Influencers love simple, personal gestures.  It illustrates to them that your brand doesn’t consider them a commodity and that you actually care.  Sending gifts for special moments in influencers’ lives — such as a birthday, pregnancy, birth, follower milestone, etc. — will only serve to deepen a long-term partnership.

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