Is Houseparty the New Snapchat?

Is Houseparty the New Snapchat?

December 19, 2016 8:17 pm

House parties are gatherings that allow friends and family to get together in a social setting. These parties present opportunities to spend more quality time while sharing in the same experience. The Houseparty app has the same idea in mind — with a slightly different twist.

From Live on Air, the makers of Meerkat, Houseparty is about taking advantage of mobile networks and spaces. Engaging in separate spaces is key to increasing interaction between friends. Houseparty, a Snapchat-like app for group video chats, lets friends party together even when they’re not actually together.

Live on Air figured out how to successfully introduce live streaming to users seeking live video inside their social networks. The company is banking on millennials’ affinity for quick, candid connections between friends. Its usage is geared toward the Gen Z demographic — teens and college students under the age of 25. The app works using your smartphone’s front facing camera (like Facetime and Skype).

Once the app is turned on, your contacts are alerted that you are live or “in the house,” and you’re able to video chat. Up to eight friends can join you from anywhere and in as many rooms as you want. Navigation is also simple — users can simply swipe across the screen to move from room to room.

Houseparty + Influencer Marketing?

Houseparty may be the next big thing. But what effects, if any, will it have on influencer marketing?  Houseparty is a private, contact-based app. That means there may not be enough space for advertisements or marketing of any kind on the platform. It also faces stiff competition from other video-based apps and platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live. Influencers are already well-versed on these broadcast tools, so Houseparty’s current impact seem minimal.

Where does Houseparty go From Here?

The key for Houseparty and its developers is to figure out how this app can maintain relevance. While Millennials and Gen Z are valuable target markets, they are not always committed to a single tech habit or tool. Their interests are constantly evolving and Houseparty may not have enough momentum to make it a long-term success. It’s important for Live on Air to carefully plan their next steps, something that failed to happen with Meerkat.

For more information about Houseparty and its potential effects on influencer marketing, contact Trending Family today!

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