How to Develop Brand Guidelines and Key Messaging for Social Media Advertising Campaigns

How to Develop Brand Guidelines and Key Messaging for Social Media Advertising Campaigns

February 28, 2016 11:27 pm

Once you’ve enlisted social media influencers to review or promote your product, the next step is to develop your brand guidelines and key messaging. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Keep the Message Simple

Too many moving parts will obscure the key messaging, so it’s crucial to limit the talking points to 2-3 main  emphases.  Be specific: How does your product or service solve a problem experienced by your target demographic?  Does your product have patented technology that separates it from other products on the market?  What is the main reason people should use your product?  What values does your brand possess that are different or unique?  These are the types of questions your brand should answer before developing messaging to send to influencers.

  1. Add a Call-to-Action

A single, clear call-to-action (CTA) should be a fundamental component of most campaigns. For example, “Click the link in the description box and get 50% off your first purchase using promo code HALF.” The CTA should incentivize an immediate action or else the viewer/reader may miss out on the opportunity.  Many marketers also choose to limit the promotion’s availability (e.g. expires in 48 hours).

  1. Always Offer a Discount or Special Offer

Often informing viewers or users about your product isn’t enough; your brand should consider offering a discount/promo code or special offer. While some brands are interested in general product awareness, the majority are looking for specific results such as increased sales or site traffic.  Giving viewers a compelling reason to act on the offer will ensure favorable campaign results are achieved.  Click here to learn more about the types of discounts and offers that drive the highest campaign ROI.

  1. Provide optional talking points and background information.

To ensure an influencer has all the material he or she needs to create a great review, don’t hesitate to include additional, optional talking points. Transparency is essential in brand-influencer partnerships, so offering more background information on your company and product should yield a more accurate, thoughtful promotion.

  1. Include supplemental pictures or videos.

It should be no surprise that visuals will enhance any presentation. In fact, posts with images garner 94 percent more views, according to Optimind Technology Solutions.  As such, provide influencers pre-approved video and picture assets they can use in their reviews.

  1. Don’t forget about brand social handles or campaign hashtags.

The whole point of advertising on social media with influencers should be to increase awareness and/or conversions.  That’s why your influencers should also tag your brand social handles and include a campaign hashtag.  Especially if you’re enlisting multiple influencers, it’s crucial your brand captures and guides the social conversation.  

  1. Make sure influencers follow Federal Trade Commission guidelines for sponsorship disclosure.

Most importantly, your brand must ensure all influencers’ videos, pictures, and posts adhere to strict FTC guidelines (which can change quite frequently).

Click here to contact Trending Family for help designing effective brand guidelines.

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