Featured Influencer: Steps to Wander

Featured Influencer: Steps to Wander

September 10, 2017 2:15 am

Steps to Wander is a YouTube channel focused on travel started in September of 2013 by Corbin and Kelsey Scott and their soon-to-be first child, Juniper. For the past three years, Corbin and Kelsey’s videos featured them backpacking Europe and travelling across North America in their van.

Since Kelsey’s pregnancy, Steps to Wander has started including more family-oriented content, but they still plan a strong focus on travel. They believe working with brands that truly align with their content and lifestyle lead to better integrations and overall authenticity.

As our featured influencers this month, Trending Family sat down with Steps to Wander to discuss their lives, content, and future.

Q: Why did you decide to partner with Trending Family?

Steps to Wander: Our viewers know us and in order to maintain our authenticity, we will never collaborate with a brand we don’t truly believe in. We are always open to working with different brands and brands that align with our channel?and Trending Family aligns with our beliefs.

Q: Are you planning on transitioning your channel into a full-time family channel?

Steps to Wander: Once Juniper is born, we will naturally have family-related content. We plan to transition back into traveling when we’re ready. We are planning an international trip because we want to expose Juniper to different cultures and experiences at a young age. We’ve seen family channels travel, but we want to go to places off the map, places where you don’t see young families normally like Thailand, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal.

Q: What are some of the typical challenges you have faced as YouTubers?

Steps to Wander: We were daily vlogging and our viewers expected that consistency we had created. We transitioned into the “van life movement” and our audience totally changed. We had an engaged audience as a “travel” channel and faced the challenge of keeping interest from new viewers, while always staying true to ourselves. At the end of the day, our mission stays the same?to live authentically.

Q: How do you maintain your channel?

Steps to Wander: Consistency is key. We slowly built our channel and stayed really consistent. We always filmed a video every single day at the same time which helped build an incredibly strong audience. We also believe that sharing our true, real selves has helped build that engaged audience. We share the ups and downs (when we’re really stressed). We also get input from comments and take our viewers’ feedback to heart.

Q: What were some of the unexpected moments since starting your YouTube channel?

Steps to Wander: We never thought creating YouTube videos would turn into this. What started as a hobby has truly turned into a fun job that we love. We didn’t expect this “community” aspect that feels like an extended family?we love that we’re able to communicate with people from all around the world

Q: What are your future goals?

Steps to Wander: We always want to be giving back. We want to create a platform that provides opportunities for other viewers to get out and explore.

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