4 Tips to Find Family-Friendly YouTube Influencers

4 Tips to Find Family-Friendly YouTube Influencers

January 27, 2016 4:01 am

Is your brand nervous to work with social media influencers for fear they’ll say or do something that doesn’t align with your brand’s values?

Don’t worry. Whether you’re promoting baby products, consumer electronics or clothing, there’s an influencer that’s right for your brand.

While it’s true some social publishers have reputations for being crass, there are plenty of wholesome influencers out there ready to work with like-minded companies. Launching a successful campaign is all about finding a mutual fit and an increasing amount of brands are broadening their digital strategies to encompass this new influencer paradigm.

Take a look at these four tips to find family-friendly YouTube channels:

1.Target Family or Mom Influencers

Family and “mom” influencers are a prime place to start because they tend to put out content suitable for all ages.  Most have garnered a following by creating content based on good morals and values and realize viewers may stop tuning in if their videos became inappropriate or vulgar.

Even if your brand isn’t focused on women’s or children’s products, these types of influencers tend to have viewer demographics skewing heavily female.  If you’re looking for one-on-one advice on how connect with family or mom influencers, contact Trending Family.

2. Review their Content

Next, start the screening process. Vet the influencer’s material by watching a wide range of their videos, ideally among posts from different months. It’s also helpful to read their biography section, follow links they recommend, products they use, and so on.

You should now be able to determine whether this influencer creates the kind of content that would be a suitable fit for your brand.  Ask your team these questions when selecting influencers:

  • Do they convey a level of intelligence and charisma your brand is looking for?
  • Do they use profanity?
  • Is the material they discuss relevant and useful to your brand’s needs?
  • Do they demonstrate consistency between videos?
  • What are the quality of the videos (good camera and lighting composition)?
  • Do their values seem to match your brand’s?

3. Screen Various Platforms

Don’t stop at YouTube. Get a full picture by scanning the rest of their social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Influencers can sometimes publish different types of content on each platform based on their followers’ interests, so it’s important to evaluate their overall social persona.  Twitter, in particular, can be a good indicator of personality since users tend to post in the moment when events happen and with less “filter.”

4. Check Sponsored Content

A good gauge for how an influencer will partner with your brand is to look at sponsored content he or she has created with past companies. On YouTube, you can search influencers’ channels for the words “sponsored”, “spon” or “ad” in the description boxes for examples of previous collaborations.  

Once you’ve finalized your search, make sure you understand the dynamics of working with social media influencers. It’s crucial to make a good impression from the very first outreach!

Still struggling to find the right influencer for your brand? Click here to contact Trending Family for assistance!

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