Digital Advertising and Influencer Marketing

Digital Advertising and Influencer Marketing

January 9, 2017 3:23 pm

The CPM model that has valued consumer time is at such a low rate that people are being bombarded with ads all the time, resulting in the rise of ad blocking and people opting to pay a premium for ad-free experiences. – David Levy, co-founder and COO of digital video ad tech provider true[X]

One of the most important factors in the rise of Influencer Marketing is the proliferation of ads. Ads are everywhere. Online users are cookied by brands after simple searches to the point of exhaustion. 

As a result, consumers are becoming more comfortable trusting their peers when it comes to product or service recommendations, necessitating the move away from traditional online advertising and the exploration of alternative approaches.

Because of these shifts, the metric of “impressions” is losing value.  Viewer retention of ads as well as overall viewability are becoming more and more critical.

Per Infectious Media, 54% of advertising goes unseen. Marketers would never invest in digital campaigns where more than half of their target audience isn’t even exposed, right?  Unfortunately, many brands are still focused on impressions rather than maximizing the quality and reach of their ads by segmenting their spend toward viewable ads.

Beyond Digital advertising, Impressions and Influencer Marketing

When brands work with native video influencers, they’re able to incorporate their key messaging into the content itself rather than inundating viewers through other methods.  Nevertheless, 53% of brands say they have difficulty measuring influencer marketing campaigns.  But impressions and reach are just one type of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) brands can use to measure the results of their social media influencer activations.  Other metrics like website hits, sales conversions, and brand recall are all important data points.

The key to launching successful campaigns is defining expectations at the outset.  If the goal is to drive as many views on the creative assets as possible, impressions may be the best method to track success.  If maximizing sales during the holiday season is the goal, providing each social media influencer with a unique Call-to-Action and discount code will enable quick and easy ROI analysis and mid-campaign “pulse checks.”

For more information about digital advertising and how to create, execute and measure a social media influencer campaign for your brand or agency, contact Trending Family today.

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