3 Quick Tips For Mother’s Day Influencer Marketing Success

3 Quick Tips For Mother’s Day Influencer Marketing Success

April 15, 2019 12:16 pm

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there is no shortage of fantastic influencer marketing campaigns for us to appreciate, analyze, and learn from!

Team2Moms + DSW

Major holidays like Mother’s Day are a perfect opportunity to establish positive brand connotations without the need for overt product placement.  Team2Moms shared a touching post with their three children asking followers to share why they love being moms. DSW is prominently featured but the inclusion is organic and natural.

Tip: Skip the clunky #BrandMothersDay hashtag if it’s not relevant  

Happy Grey Lucky + Teleflora

Mother’s Day is massive for flower brands like Teleflora so utilizing influencer marketing as part of their holistic digital campaigns is crucial.  Two things are striking about this partnership with Happy Grey Lucky: the prominence of the product and the storytelling. Obscured faces may seem odd to some brands but not to Sina’s passionate followers.  She also doesn’t lead with any brand messaging, instead sharing a story of her own memories of her mother.

Tip: Trust the influencer to create an asset and weave in stories that they know will resonate with their audience

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{ #sponsored } As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m finding myself reflecting on my own experience growing up and the little traditions that I’ve always wanted to continue with my own kids. One of my favourite things about my mom is that she would always say goodbye with an “I love you”. Whether it was at school drop off, hanging up the phone, or going to bed, she’s always done that and we continue to say “I love you” several times a day even now. It’s the reason I tell my kids a million times a day that I love them. Which is why I love that @Teleflora ’s Mother’s campaign is all about how “Love Makes a Mom”. What little traditions have you picked up from your own mom? This Mother’s Day, celebrate unconditional love by sending the fearless women in your life a @Teleflora bouquet that is made by hand and delivered by hand (in a beautiful vase!) by a local florist. I’ll definitely be sending my own mom one of these beautiful bouquets. #LoveMakesAMom #LoveOutLoud

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Hungry Runner Girl + Aura Frames

Teasing content on one platform to drive to another can be extremely effective.  In this partnership with Aura Frames, Janae shared a sweet Instagram photo with her mom and kids but directed her followers to read the full post on her blog.

Tip: Don’t force influencers to squeeze all the talking points into every post; use a multi-platform strategy to tell the full story.

Looking to launch a last-minute Mother’s Day influencer marketing campaign?  Shoot us a line at hello@trendingfamily.com!

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